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I love the beautiful yellow color that beeswax always turns everything!!! Yours turned out great!

All's well that ends well... STUNNING results!

Here's to the wonderful men we've been blessed with in this life! My hubby always comes to my creative rescue!


a happy accident indeed!!!
oh my goodness...i LOVE what you created!!!!!!
i'm so jealous
i would love to learn beeswax
is it complicated?
maybe you could do a little tutorial?

Love Love Love!!! Beautiful work Jackie!!


These are awesome!!
I loved how they turned out!!

Happy accident? I say NOT!! More like a creative journey!!
You are a wonderful artist! Keep it up!!


I followed you here from your post on Lara Blair's blog! I loved what you wrote!
Have a great and creative weekend!!

they are beautiful in a haunting worn way, you did a great job! funny how things work out that way, aren't they? thanks for the visit!

A good mistake!!! They are very pretty!
I just realized you have another blog for your daily pictures and I left a comment over there that said I love your new back ground :] So let me re-phrase that I love the new back ground for your daily pictures.
Also thanks again for your kind words:]

yay for mistakes - hard to suffer but such a surprise at the end! they are beautiful - i love their their ethereal nature.

we are having a beeswax time but making candles - i can't get enough of the smell.


Back again! I just wanted to share with you my joy. I'm having my very first giveaway!
come on over and see.
Hope your having a wonderful weekend

Hi Jackie! I think it looks more than ok, they all look really wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I think you really have an artistic eye! And I love the rosette on the last one, very pretty!

Hugs ~

:) T

They certainly didn't turn out bad at all. A happy accident indeed. :)

They turned out lovely- I love how you added the crown behind the angelic image.
I have shed many a tear creating and sometimes it has turned out to be my best work.

what a great happy accident!
it's art, there are no mistakes!

This is my first time visiting your space here and it is lovely. Your collages are beautiful (my favorite is the last one).
Art is a process and a reflection of life...full of twists and turns!
Take care,Laura

Oh my Jackie,
I love your collages!! My favorite is the "Peace" collage. It's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It is always much appreciated!
Beautiful art work!
Have a lovely weekend.

So pretty!!
Happy May Day!

Lovely art you have created!!

Kay Ellen

They turned out beautifully and you can say you put your blood, sweat and tears into it. You literally least the tears part. Don't feel bad I get so frustrated I cry too. Then I get even more frustrated for crying. Ahh it's such an emotional circle when we put so much love into making something pretty. Then we laugh. Oh boy what complex creatures we women are. :))

Blessings to you and yours,

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