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First, I love the photos of the tree with the changing colors. Fall is just so beautiful and cozy, isn't it? It also touched me what you said about letting people and pets go when it is time...I lost my dad earlier this year...and grief is so difficult most of the time! Your words are very soothing.

Your pin cushions are the best! I have been telling everyone about them and I'm sure I will be back for cute!!!!

I noticed the Jenny Hart embroidery book in your sidebar and I just picked up the same book about a week is fabulous and her designs are so great. I've been enjoying my embroidery projects SO MUCH!!!

Have fun at the carnival...hope you remember the camera! Sounds like a great day...

Sounds like a perfect day!! you deserve it!! Happy Fall!!
xoxo Jenny

Love your tree. I have one of those as well, but its not turning colors yet. Hope you have fun at the carnival and that we get to see lots of photos. I live for the photos. xop

I've just caught up on the last week for you. How very sad for you. No doubt you'll miss Petey for quite some time yet, he looked like a beautiful dog.

I hope you didn't forget your camera!

good for you!

You all deserve a medal for getting through the past few weeks. I do hope the next few are easier but it will take some time to get over Petey passing, I'm sorry. They live on in our memories so keep sharig your stories.

I really love your blog and wanted to tell you how sorry I am about Petey... You wrote about him beautifully. We lost a 16 year old doxie a couple of years ago and it was just heartbreaking. You are so right when you said this ~ "life comes and goes and moves from season to season" ~ you will always have Petey with you in your heart.

I can't wait to see your freezer stencil. I have put this off because I couldn't find any freezer paper. Then I realized I had a huge roll of it. I think I thought it was children' drawing paper. Hopefully your photos will inspire me to get going on it.

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