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you MADE those potholders? WOW... that's impressive!

Great potholders! Ive never heard of Rachel Ray but that sure looks yummy! I love beans!

Hope you're feeling a lot better soon.
That soup looks delicious. I'm kind of bad when I'm making soup in that I rarely follow recipes, just chuck in what I have available. Always tastes nice but doesn't always look that pretty!
Your pot holders look great.

That potholder swap was alot of fun. Yours are great. I haven't tried making mitts yet. Hope your all feeling better soon.

Hope every one feels better ... drarn, I'm sorry I missed that pot holder swap it would have been fun.

Hope you feel better!!! Lots and lots of hot tea works for me and sinus infections :) We're talking gallons ;) The potholder mitts are so cute and I'm sure the recipient will love the presentation :)Thanks so much for your blog comment! Have a great day!

So sorry you've been unwell! Soup galore! Feel all better soon.

Umm, the food looks great.

Jammy oven gloves.

We have also had months of various bugs, I started taking an iron/vitamin tonic and touch wood, been clear for a couple months now and even didn't get a wretched vomiting bug the rest of the family has had (twice!).

Are you back to food blogging? I miss your food blog.

life gets in the way of so many things.

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