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Have always wanted to go to this flea cousin lives in S.F and she told me she would take there if I wanted to go!!
Someday soon I hope that I can go!!


total complete score my friend.

Love all of them and hate that i missed the flea market! I have only been by myself once but it's so overwhelming it's more fun to go with friends. I love your frames and the girls from the Tattered House are so great. I will have to check out the other person you mentioned. Glad you had a great time - and I have not EVER waited in line there. Bummer!

Wish i lived close by...wonderful treasures :)


Those frames are amazing!! I have always wanted to go to Alameda day I will make it there. Thanks for the tips on sewing burlap!!

I'm looking forward to May (and going earlier). I've never waited before either - I guess it's really caught on!!

Love those frames! I so wish there were great antique sales and markets around here.

Okay I so want to go to the Roseville thing... do you need company or are you dragging the family?

BTW, I tried to go and see the place with that AWESOME sign and i couldn't figure out how to order from them. Any tips?

talk to you soon,


I can't believe that we didn't meet at La petite maison blanc....and then I was at the flea market the same day as you too!!! I may have to go to Roseville next week...the girls at Maison Rustique were telling me about it when I was there!!

I would love company to Roseville! The kids don't want to go (big surprise), so call me and we can figure it all out! I will find out the name of the place John actually ordered from (they have them at Kitchen Table here in WC, but this place was less expensive and free shipping). Talk soon!

Hi Natalie - I know I saw you at La Petite Maison, but I feel like I didn't get to meet as many people as I would have liked!! Hope to see you in Roseville next Sunday - sounds like a fun time, or maybe some month we could meet up at the Alameda Flea Market! Enjoy your week!

Ooh...I was going to go on Sunday and changed my mind. Guess I made the wrong choice. You really scored!

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