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Your mornings look so beautiful!! I love the dishwasher photo!

I love this...gorgeous gorgeous photos!

Jeanne told me to do this and just put a straw into my coffee pot for my photo since I drink a whole pot every morning. And then I sit on the back porch in my robe... hair all over the place waiting for Oscar to go potty... (wouldn't make a very cute photo!) Can you picture me, all a mess with my mouth sucking a straw out of my coffee pot? funny!

amazine pix. i adore that jeanne too. i'm happy you are loving your new coffee maker. ours is on the fritz....i think bill is angling for a new one.

I see that new coffee maker!! :)

I have the same brand and love it!

This was one of the most fun collages ever! Makes me want to do something like this! :)

Thanks Jackie!


What a wonderful collage! Gotta love morning coffee. Sometimes I go to bed and will say to my husband..."I can't wait for morning to come so I can have my coffee!"

:) T

Don't you love the mornings! If I wake up really early I get about an hour, my son is an early riser to:)
Have a great weekend!

Love your morning photos...the filtered light through the trees is dreamy.

Where can I get mugs like the ones with the crown, heart and the word "amour" on them?! They are divine!!!!

Mary Frances

Your mornings look beautiful! The photo of the outdoors reminds me of France and the granite gravel there... a look I'm working on (pushing I should say) with my hubby. Perhaps I'll bring him here and say "Jackie has it" ;)
I'm with Mary Frances above, that love coffee cup is darling.

I just want you to know I love your blog. xoxoxLaura

Oh what a fabulous post. You even made the filled-up dishwasher look great! What a fun idea!

So beautiful and peaceful - loved seeing these.

Love your morning collage. It does make you stop and think about how wonderful the mornings are. Thanks for sharing yours.

I too enjoy the peacefulness of those wee hours of morning. Ahhh...

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