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Why have you been hiding, you look adorable?! Keep those picks coming, would love to see more of your outfits:)


I Agree Jackie, Im so not crazy with myself in photos. My kids, my husband his whole damn family so photogenic. I see photos of myself and pick myself apart. Maybe I have real deep seeded issues with myself I don't even realize? LoL... who knows, you look adorable, from what I can see....hehehe, love the short dress with the boots too. Good for you for trying somthing new too.. Jamie

Oh that is why I am always behind the camera...the whole fashion friday I did on my blog was sooo hard for me believe it or not and actually I don't really like most of the photos, but I go with it..ack! I love your dress & boots and love that you are making strides to be more vocal that is important..and I found you quite wonderful at the Farm chicks and insightful and loving, so with that...keep being real Jackie...XOXO

First of all the photo is awesome! I love everything about it! Your outfit is super cute and the boots...the know I love boots:-) I think what is so great about this class is that everyone takes something different away from it. Keep showing us more of who you are ...because you are so adored!!!!

You looks so cute! I want to see more!

You are perfect the way you are! I have learned to treasure the periods when I listen to my inner voice that changes are coming.

first of all... i love the outfit also! awesome photo! What are so many of us girlies so darn insecure! Why can't we just sing, "i'm to sexy for my blog" and be happy? I'm so glad I got to meet you! You're just as sweet as pie! Oh, and I thought the part about not having a full length mirror so you might have worn funny outfits was funny! :)

I like it too - I love it! I wish we were closer and I could give you a big hug. I am very proud of you and what you are doing. And think I need to do this course too.

you look fabulous dear girlie.
and i am SO behind with the whole photo thing.
i will work on it tomorrow!

It helps me to know that there is an entire generation of us - insecure at times, worried about what others will think, second guessing ourselves. One thing I love about getting older is that for me, some of these things are naturally improving. I look forward to hearing about your course~

That IS a great photo of you, Jackie. I agree, very Mary Louise Parker, or Parker Posie... I love them both!

why is that? ...that we worry so much about what others think! I am trying to get away from that. I like the dress & boots. Very cute look. I'd love to pull that look off. tee-hee (just dont think it's me). wish I was more comfortable & willing to try it though. :) joanna

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