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Awesome Jackie!! Love it! You did a great job. Love this kind of art. :) You should go to Artfest in 2011!

I am considering it, would love to take and meet Misty Mawn in person. :)

..ooops "take a class" and meet Misty Mawn, lol. ;)

this is incredible jackie!
i have always wanted to learn how to create a mixed media collage
great piece!!

your work is wonderful- i love it. yes take a class by Misty Mawn- she is a dear and so talented.

Oh Jackie, I love it so! I think you've found your calling (or one of them!). It is beautiful!

Jackie! This is awesome... Wonderful work! I love it... I better get cracking.. I am behind in this class. :)

Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by! I love that you have a Hav! Don't get the car sick thing, thought it would just be the puppy stage...oh no! Well, we'll just keep taking her in the car and hoping for the best.

LOVE what you made, the collage is awesome! Love the bird, the words, the colors and texture. Just beautiful.


Kay Ellen

Wow they look great! Very detailed and beautiful :)

You make me smile once again, Jackie, I love that Brady Bunch with Marcia signing up for all the "clubs". My hubby can't believe I know all those episodes... he had never seen the Brady Bunch before he met me (lucky him ;) I bet all your projects are going well, you seem to take to everything effortlessly.

Jackie, I want to thank you for your kind comment about my cat, Gigi. It means much that you took the time to comment and share a kindness not everyone gets about animals. I carry it in my heart and thank you, dear Jackie.

Hi Jackie - glad to see you are still creating beautiful things - but miss your shop!
I've just opened a booth with a friend at an antiques shop - so much fun and a lot of work, but am enjoying every moment. See the pics on my blog.

Happy weekend dear.
Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air (formerly Across the Pond)

Jackie....what beautiful work! I think you have done a great job!!!
Yes, I do believe I am Marsha Brady myself sometimes.....I do remember the Brady Bunch and watched it faithfully...and Leave it to Beaver, and how about Family Affair??? Do you remember it?

I love your mixed-media piece! Haven't visited in so long! I thought of you the other day when I changed the contents of my wonderful red and white tin (red/aqua swap). Still my fav. I'm going to look at your links to classes. I need to do something. Anything. <3

Jackie, i wanted to check in on you and see how you were doing. I hadn't heard for you for a while!

Marsha Marsha Marsha!!
Oh i love it all, great work...

added you to my blog roll, I just love your creativity..


I am in comlete and utter awe of your work! Oh my just look at your Towers and Turrets collage! I am so happy to have stopped by today and to find this beautiful and oh so colorful art to admire! :-)

So fun!! Great job!

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