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Beautiful Jackie! I think you should open a Shop! Love the Cuffs so much!! Have a Great Weekend, Jamie

The jewelry you made is really fabulous! The class sounds like fun! You're right, a gal can never have to much jewelry!!

Have a great weekend!

welcome back sweet friend .. breaks are good.. love the new jewelry and what fun classes I love Diana !! she is the sweetest !! xo

absolutely lovely! your creativity is always inspiring!

Looks like we'll be in "class" together again, Jackie! I'm signed up as well for Stephanie's metalsmithing class. More fun and more jewels...woo hoo!!

these pieces are beautiful! i totally get the dry spells things it's hard to keep it up sometimes :) nice to see your enjoying yourself! susan

Hi Jackie,
Feeling like that right know! lately I haven't been able to get it together.
I really love your jewlery pieces! Beautiful!
Have you thought about Etsy?

I guess I can't spell either :]
I meant feeling like that now.
Have a wonderful day!

firstly - welcome back! i missed you! the jewelery is stunning - you must be so proud of yourself! and look - you have more than five readers!!!! x

Everyone needs a break from blogging sometimes...the jewelry is beautiful!


Your necklaces look great...lov'em!

LOVE those cuffs....

and your apple photo from your other blog is great too~

WOW those are so cool!! If you need ideas of what to do with any "extra" jewelry I can help ;)

Hi Jackie...oh what a lucky gal, to take a class with Riki and Diana!! I saw that class on their blogs and just dreamed from afar (as I'm in VA!). I used to live out that way though (Monterey) when we were first married.
I am sooooo very impressed with what all you've done with the bezel's from Stephanie's class! I made a bunch of bezels but finishing them in a piece of jewelry is another story. I'm taking the 2nd class as well, but really haven't had time to watch the videos much or make any projects. I'm looking forward to the new info though! :-)

How fun~~~and I love the necklaces you created!!

Oh annnd...Pismo Beach is one of my all time fav beaches!! Lucky lady!!

Have a blessed weekend:)


WOW! Amazing pieces! I just found your blog thru the Gilded Girls Stash Society from a comment. have you made anything with your goodies form Gilded? I havent et! lol Im going to poke around the rest of your blog!!
have a wonderful day!
Do Riki and Dians do classes more south in Orange County?

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