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oh, poor guinness...SO glad he is doing okay. the mourning of a beloved pet doesn't ever end...i just lost my beloved Ladd this summer...he was out herding cows with my husband who was riding a bucking colt that day. the colt kicked him in the head and he went off hurt, and dying...we couldn't find him anywhere. i miss him each day and wish that he wouldn't have suffered alone...
*thank you* for this post today, i hope the people who lost their pet today have *amazing* memories that will help ease their pain...


I just stumbled on this post almost a week late but can sympathize with you. Our little Chloe stepped on a yellow jacket hiding in the grass and got stung about 2 weeks ago. She also was crying and wouldn't put any weight on her front paw. Some Benedryl and monitoring for hives and such and she is fine but it is such a scare. How we love our little pets. They give us such unconditional love and we can give it back.

Glad he was ok!! I actually got stung by one on my toe a month ago and man did it hurt!! Bendryl knocked it out of me eventually. I know how scary it is when pets are sick.

Loving all the projects you are doing!! Keep sharing. I'll live vicariously until I have time to participate!!

See you in 15 days!!

He is so cute. What kind of dog is he?

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